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2017/12/12 第168期  |  訂閱/退訂  |  看歷史報份


Growth Hacker…

Care: User or audience growth

Do: Find the right product/market

Dream: Become next Dropbox, Facebook…


Content Marketer…

Care: Acquire customers

Do: Publish, sell, share content, or interact with customers ... ...

有人問你"In what sense"時,要怎麼回答?


“In what sense?”


1.        In what sense 怎麼說?

Sense在中文裡很難找到對應的解釋。In what sense 有點像中文口語裡的”怎麼說?”


  • In what sense are you using the word? 你用這個字的意思是指什麼?


A:"Marriage is bad for women.” 婚姻對女性不是件好事。

B:"In what sense? ”哪裡不好了?


  • The word "make" has many senses. Make這個字有很多意思。
  • This meeting is to let you get a sense of how we work.  這個會議主要是讓你瞭解我們怎麼工作。

2.       Make sense vs. make no sense 有道理vs. 沒道理


  • We all agreed that the plan made sense. 我們都覺得計劃可行。
  • What is the sense going out in the rain? 下雨天出去是什麼道理啊?
  • Now you are talking sense. 現在你講對了。

Talk sense是一個常用的口語,請記起來,意思就是speak in a reasonable way,講得有道理。

3.        Common sense vs. general knowledge

例如: Although she's not very clever, she has got lots of common sense. 她沒那樣聰明,但算有常識。
老外口裡的common sense和中文的常識有一點不同,common sense指的是大家都應知道的道理,而不包含一般的知識,general knowledge。

例如,水在攝氏一百度會沸騰,這是general knowledge。不要把手放進沸騰的水裡,不然會燙傷,這是common sense。



遠離水腫 告別冷體質!
長時間不動,下肢的循環能力變差,最容易引起下肢水腫,要改善症狀,最有用方法就是運動。 另外,飲食及生活習慣也是重要因素!

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Sous Vide: Cooking Made Easy  舒肥 —— 低溫慢煮的哲學

【NEO數位行銷學習報】提供最新社群行銷、行動行銷等數位趨勢,加入我們一同探索更多數位創意的可能! 【寂天日語學習充電報】提供日常生活中的會話表現,並收錄最實用、最豐富內容,讓你輕鬆脫口說日語!
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2017/12/12 第329期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

Sous Vide: Cooking Made Easy    舒肥 —— 低溫慢煮的哲學
Sous vide cooking is an old restaurant trick that is moving into home kitchens around the world.



   Sous vide is French for "under vacuum." It is a cooking style where the food is put in a plastic bag, vacuum-sealed, and then slowly cooked in warm water over a long period of time. In most cases, this method uses much lower temperatures, between 55?C and 60?C, than normal cooking methods.
   While this might sound strange, sous vide has been used in professional kitchens for years. The idea is simple: lower temperatures are easier to control, so food cooks more slowly and evenly. When cooking a steak in a pan, it's easy to burn the outside but leave the inside raw. Using the sous vide method makes sure that everything cooks at around the same speed and prevents cooking the meal too long. In addition, the plastic bag keeps the food moist and full of flavor.
   For many years, sous vide equipment was very expensive, so it was only found in high-end restaurants. Thankfully, technology has improved, and prices have come down. Now, sous vide cooking has also become popular in home kitchens, too. Some machines are even connected to Wi-Fi, so you can control them with your smartphone. It doesn't get any easier than that!























   曾經有許多年,舒肥法所用的器材非常昂貴,因此只有在高檔餐廳才看得到。幸好科技漸漸發達,這些器材的價格也降低了。現在,舒肥料理法也開始風行於居家廚房。有些儀器甚至還能連接到 Wi-Fi,這麼一來你就可以透過智慧型手機來操控它們。再簡單也不過如此了!


vacuum n. 真空;真空吸塵器
high-end a. 高檔的;高端的

  1. seal vt. 封住,封閉
    The police sealed all the exits from the building to search for the criminal.
  2. method n. 方式,方法
    Getting fresh air on a hike in the mountains is one method of improving your brain's functions.
  3. evenly adv. 均勻地,平均地
    The leader tried to assign all tasks evenly among his team members.
    * assign vt. 指派,分配
  4. raw a. 生的;未經加工的
    Robert had a bad experience eating raw fish years ago, and to this day, he refuses to eat it.
  5. moist a. 濕潤的,微濕的
    It has been raining for days, so our laundry from two days ago is still moist.
  6. equipment n. 用具,設備(不可數)
    This hotel is noted for its free exercise equipment and hot springs.
    * be noted for...  以……聞名
  7. thankfully adv. 幸好;滿懷感激地
    Thankfully, winter vacation is just around the corner.
    Beryl thankfully hugged the boy who saved her cat from the flood.
  8. come down  (價格、水平等)下降,降低
    With oil prices coming down, gas stations have been piling up with cars waiting to buy gas.
    * pile up  (使)累積/堆積
any + 形容詞比較級的用法
本文 "It doesn't get any easier than that!" 中的 any + 形容詞比較級的用法常用於否定句或疑問句中,表「更……一點」,此時副詞 any 具有「一點/絲毫」的意味。例:

Are you feeling any better?

I'm afraid I can't go any further. That is all I can tell you for now.

The method we learned from the Internet is not any safer than what Grandpa had taught us.







遠離水腫 告別冷體質!
長時間不動,下肢的循環能力變差,最容易引起下肢水腫,要改善症狀,最有用方法就是運動。 另外,飲食及生活習慣也是重要因素!


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