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Chernobyl, With Helping Hand From TV, Becomes an Unlikely Tourism Magnet HBO電視劇《核爆家園》加持 車諾比掀觀光潮

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紐時周報精選 Chernobyl, With Helping Hand From TV, Becomes an Unlikely Tourism Magnet HBO電視劇《核爆家園》加持 車諾比掀觀光潮
Of Comic Books and Couture 藝術逐漸平易近人 漫畫和時裝的異業結合
Chernobyl, With Helping Hand From TV, Becomes an Unlikely Tourism Magnet HBO電視劇《核爆家園》加持 車諾比掀觀光潮
文/Iliana Magra

電視劇加持 車諾比掀觀光潮

When a nuclear plant exploded in northern Ukraine in April 1986, Soviet authorities went to great lengths to control information about the disaster — even cutting off private telephone conversations when the word Chernobyl was used.


Now, in a strange turn more than three decades after the meltdown, the exclusion area around Chernobyl is gaining a following as a tourism destination, apparently propelled by the popularity of a TV miniseries about the blast that was broadcast in the United States and Britain last month.


The miniseries, HBO's "Chernobyl," fictionalizes the events in the aftermath of the explosion and fire at the plant's Unit 4 nuclear reactor. It has been one of the highest-rated shows on the IMDB charts.


"The number of visitors increases every day, every week, by 30, 40, now almost 50 percent," said Victor Korol, the head of SoloEast, a company that gives tours of the site. "People watch TV, and they want to go there and see the place, how it looks."

"In May 2018, we had 1,251 visitors. Last month, we had 1,860 — a 48 percent increase," Korol said.


According to figures from the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, tourism to Chernobyl has been growing quickly over the past five years. In 2014, a spokeswoman said, the site had 8,404 visitors; in 2018, that number was 71,862. In May 2019 alone, she added, the site had 12,591.


Joe Ponte, managing director of Explore, a company that focuses on adventure travel, said that passenger numbers for the firm's five-day Discover Chernobyl tour had increased fourfold since the miniseries aired in May.


But as tourist numbers increase, so has concern about the behavior of visitors to the site of a disaster that was blamed for thousands of deaths in the following years and whose dire consequences for the environment linger decades later.


Those misgivings burst onto social media this week when photographs emerged that were criticized for disrespecting the victims and the solemnity of the site.


One example widely cited was of a woman who shed most of a hazmat suit to pose provocatively in the ghost city of Pripyat, which was evacuated after the accident.


The photographs prompted Craig Mazin, the writer and producer of "Chernobyl," to call on tourists to be considerate to the memory of those who lost their lives or livelihoods.


Of Comic Books and Couture 藝術逐漸平易近人 漫畫和時裝的異業結合
文/Dana Thomas


In 1967, Yves Saint Laurent introduced La Vilaine Lulu, the beastly little star of a comic book — or bande dessinée — that he wrote and illustrated.

1967年,聖羅蘭推出了露露(La Vilaine Lulu),是他自己撰稿並繪製插圖的漫畫集中的惡劣小明星。連環漫畫的法文為Bande dessinée。

Short and squat with a froggy face, wearing a beribboned boater and a scarlet cancan skirt that she would flip up to expose her naked derrière, La Vilaine Lulu terrorized her teachers, schoolmates, passersby — well, everyone, really. A devil child, that Lulu.


Now she is a cornerstone for "Mode et Bande Dessinée" ("Fashion and Comic Books"), which its organizers say is the first major exhibition to take a comprehensive look at fashion in comic books and graphic novels, through Jan. 5 at the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l'Image in Angoulême, France.

如今,她是「Mode et Bande Dessinée」(時尚與漫畫)展覽的一大台柱。主辦方表示,這是第一個全面審視漫畫和圖像小說中時尚的大型展覽,展場在法國安古蘭國際漫畫影像城,展至1月5日。

As the fall couture season begins on Monday in Paris, the show is a reminder that, while luxury fashion is often viewed as elitist, it has a way of trickling down commercially and artistically to unexpected yet highly accessible places — and vice versa. Comic-Con International and the elaborate character outfits worn by fans are just one flash of the impact.


"Jean Paul Gaultier, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Thierry Mugler were obviously influenced by B.D.s," said Thierry Groensteen, the exhibition's curator,"You see it in Castelbajac's sweater dresses, with B.D. motifs, and Mugler's Cat Woman suit, with its cagoule with little ears."


Two hours by train from Paris, Angoulême is France's capital of comic books. Each year since 1974, it has hosted the Angoulême International Comic Festival, a four-day event that last year drew more than 200,000 B.D. enthusiasts. The Cité, which opened in 1990, now houses 13,000 original plates and 250,000 B.D.s — the world's second largest collection of French-language comics (after the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum at Ohio State University in Columbus).


Pierre Lungheretti, the Cité's director, said its collection traces the genre, known officially in France as "the 9th art," from "the birth of comic books in the 19th century to today."


In addition to the museum, which has about 70,000 visitors a year, there is a reference library, two screening rooms, bookstore, a restaurant and residences where as many as 50 comic book authors are invited to spend from three months to four years working on their latest projects.


So loved are comic books in France that the Ministry of Culture has declared 2020 the "Année de la B.D.," with dozens of events scheduled throughout the country.



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────── 節錄寂天講堂 「託運行李常用英文」

托斯卡尼之美 Tuscany

Located on the west coast of Italy, Tuscany is a beautiful region famous for its breathtaking scenery and its unrivaled artistic history.

Tuscany's most important industry is tourism. Every year, millions of people visit the aptly named Cities of Art: Florence, Lucca, Pisa (home of the famous leaning tower), Siena, and San Gimignano. These cities are where some of history's greatest artists, among them Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, were born or produced some of their best works. Of these cities, Florence is the most spectacular, and its remarkable architecture and extensive collection of art draws over 10 million tourists every year. If you visit Tuscany, Florence is a must-see, but try to avoid the hot, crowded summer months when the ratio of tourists to locals can reach as high as 14:1. Indeed, many Florentines leave the city in summer, preferring to escape to quiet villas in the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Many say that to visit the Tuscan countryside is to visit paradise. Come evening, the rolling hills covered in vineyards and olive groves are washed in the gentle orange glow of the Tuscan sunset. Wine flows like water, and tables are piled high with food known the world over for being unimaginably delicious.

Even if you're not usually partial to a glass of red wine, you should make an exception when you visit Tuscany, as it is sure to change your mind. The region is famous for its high-quality wines made by master winemakers using traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano are some of the finest red wines in the world, though some of the best examples will cost you a lot of money, Brunello di Montalcino being widely known as one of Italy's most expensive wines. Perhaps the best way to sample these wines and learn how they're made is to attend a wine-making course offered by one of the region's many vineyards.

Whether you're going to learn about the area's cuisine, marvel at its fine art, or explore its extraordinary countryside, Tuscany is one destination that will never disappoint.


托斯卡尼最大的產業是觀光業。每年有數百萬名觀光客來到這些名符其實的「藝術之都」:佛羅倫斯、盧卡、比薩(著名的「斜塔」所在地)、西耶納和聖吉米納諾。歷史上一些偉大的藝術家如李奧納多.達文西和米開朗基羅,都在這些城市裡出生或創作出非凡作品。其中景色最壯觀的佛羅倫斯,擁有美侖美奐的建築物和豐富的藝術收藏,每年吸引超過1 千萬名觀光客前來參觀。來到托斯卡尼絕對不能錯過佛羅倫斯,不過要盡量避開炎熱的夏日旺季,此時觀光客與當地居民的比例竟高達14:1。事實上,許多佛羅倫斯人一到夏天就離開城市,寧可跑到美麗的托斯卡尼鄉間,找幾間靜謐別墅去避暑。






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